Healthy lifestyle consultation - 1 call

This consultation is for you, if...

  • You have tried nearly every diet, but haven't achieved lasting results.
  • You have lost motivation and need a fresh start for your lifestyle change.
  • You enjoy working out but want to take it to the next level of challenges.
  • You want to establish a truly effective lifestyle that adapts to your needs.
  • You have questions and concerns about healthy eating and lifestyle.
  • You want to create the ideal diet and lifestyle to achieve your fitness goals.
  • You are ready to embark on your fitness journey but don't know how to get started.

The 60-minute consultation takes place online, using platforms such as Google Meet, Zoom, or even FaceTime. You can choose the application that is most convenient for you. If you prefer, you can send me your main questions in advance, allowing me to prepare personalized answers and topics for our discussion! 

After your purchase, I will contact you via email to arrange a suitable time for our first consultation. I am looking forward to meeting you! 




You want to create a lifestyle that perfectly fits into your everyday life. that is sustainable and just slightly pushes you out of your comfort zone every day, so that even after a few weeks/months, you won't scream and run back to your current lifestyle?

You want to establish new healthy habits and achieve your fitness goals, but you feel like you've been stuck in endless diets and unsuccessful attempts at lifestyle changes. Then I can definitely help you with my online consultation!

During the one-hour online consultation, we will delve into lifestyle, nutrition, healthy habits, and fitness goals. This consultation provides you with the opportunity to directly speak with me, share direct questions, concerns, or if you just simply feel stuck, but you don't know what's missing. Let it be diet tips and tricks, finding motivation or creating suitable habits, during the consultation, we will discuss everything you need for a successful and sustainable lifestyle change.

Online consultation provides flexibility and convenience for you, as you can benefit from the service from the comfort of your own home, providing a convenient and comfortable environment for the online consultation.Feel free to come to the consultation with specific questions and requests for assistance, or even just with an open mindset, as we explore the new possibilities that await you in the realm of a healthy lifestyle.

No more need for further unsuccessful diets or lonely struggles. Reach out to me, and I will help you find the path that best suits you for a healthy lifestyle and achieving your fitness goals.

Don't wait any longer! Book an appointment for my 1 hour consultation now, and embark on the journey towards a healthier and happier life!